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The Monroe Institute – GATEWAY EXPERIENCE – Complete Hemi-Sync Training Course

Gateway Experience
[18 CDs – MP3]



The Monroe Institute developed The Gateway Experience (Wave) in-home training series. The Gateway Experience is a life-enhancing program dedicated to the development, exploration and application of expanded states of awareness.  Exercises in the Gateway Experience Wave series are specially blended Hemi-Sync frequencies combined with verbal guidance and subtle sound effects (or music) to guide you into focused, whole-brain states of consciousness.You will be gently led from your physical waking state into deep relaxation then to those thresholds of consciousness where you may experience profound states of expanded awareness.  While in such states, one has a broader range of perceptions available with which to solve problems, develop creativity or obtain guidance.  You may use this expansion and integration of personal awareness to know and better understand your total self so you might enjoy a more fulfilling life.How to gain the most benefit from the Gateway Experience Wave Series:Locate a distraction-free environment where you can darken the room and remain undisturbed from 30-45 minutes. Listen using stereo headphones on a personal or home stereo system Adjust the volume to a level where you can barely hear the words.  Otherwise, the verbal guidance may startle you following a period of silence. Allow at least one hour after eating and avoid alcohol, drugs, or excessive caffeine, which may limit the effectiveness of the Hemi-Sync exercises. Get comfortable.  Use the bathroom before each exercise even if it seems unnecessary.  Loosen any tight clothing and remove shoes, glasses, or contacts.  Listen while lying down or seated with your head supported. If you itch during an exercise, scratch.  You will be able to move gently back into your pattern of relaxation. There can be a metabolic drop as you enter an exercise, producing a perception of heat, motion or pressure.  Have a loose blanket  handy, ready to pull up or throw off as needed. Keep a journal to document the details of your experiences, such as date/time, body position, medication or unusual diet, mood/attitude, energy level, moon phase, or any other unusual circumstances. There are six albums called Waves of Change.  Each album contains 3 CDs and an instructional manual.  The Gateway Experience Guidance Manuals prepare you for the exercises which help you to know, understand and control your total self – physical, spiritual and emotional.  Each Wave contains special Hemi Sync exercise designed to gently lead the listener into profound states of expanded awareness.  This allows broader ranges of perceptions with which to solve, problems, develop creativity or obtain guidance.  Each album is progressive in nature, building on the tools and techniques from the previous albums.  The albums should be used sequentially.  (((Hemi-Sync Support for Journeys Out of the Body – A six CD in-home training series with Guidance Manual.  Click here for details. $99.00)))About Wave 5 – In the past, GE enthusiasts were permitted an opportunity to work with the extraordinary states of awareness made possible in Focus 21.  Previously, all Focus level above Focus 12 had been reserved for the Monroe Institute’s six-day residential programs.  Now you can complete the entire program at home, at your leisure.Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 Wave 4 Wave 5 Wave 6 Discovery Threshold Freedom Adventure ExploringA Journey to Focusâ„¢ 15 Odyssey Orientation Intro Focus 12 Lift Off One Year Patterning Advanced Focus 12 Sensing Locale 1 Intro Focus 10 Problem Solving Remote Viewing 5 Messages Discovering Intuition Expansion in Locale 1 Advanced Focus 10 1 Month Patterning Vectors Free Flow 12 Exploring Intuition Point of Departure Release & Recharge Color Breathing 5 Questions NVC 1 Intro to Focus 15 Nonphysical Friends Exploration, Sleep Energy Bar Tool Energy Food NVC II Mission 15 Creation & Manifestation Movement to Local 2/Intro Focus 21 Focus 10 Free Flow Living Body Map 1st Stage Separation Compoint 12 ExploringFocus 15 Free Flow Journey in Focus 21 You can purchase Wave I through Wave VI individually within a one year period.  That is from date of purchase to one year later, not a calendar year.  When you purchase Wave V— I will include Wave VI in your shipment.    12.5 or 13 months is NOT 1 year.  One year = 12 months from date of purchase of Wave I order.  The series must be purchased by you and sent to you.  If you chose to share the CDs and cost with a friend that is your decision.  I consider “YOU” to be someone with a particular name, mailing address, phone number, credit card number and email address.  The PayPal credit card processing verifies your info.  You may have the same name as some else but you won’t have the same credit card number.  I have owned new-mind since 1966. I will be in business during the next 12 months. And for a long time after that. I also own and operate and               Wave I – VI $399 normally $499          Non US residents S&H NON REFUNDABLE   The Gateway Affirmation I am more than my physical body.  Because I am more than physical matter, I can perceive that which is greater than the physical world.  Therefore, I deeply desire to Expand, to Experience; to Know, to Understand; to Control, to Use such greater energies and energy systems as may be beneficial and constructive to me and to those who follow me.  Also, I deeply desire the help and cooperation, the assistance, the understanding of those individuals whose wisdom, development, and experience are equal to or greater than y own.  I ask their guidance and protection from any influence or any source that might provide me with less than my states desires.   What can you expect from the Gateway Experience?  According to Robert A. Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute, “As much or as little as you put into it.  Some discover themselves and thus live more completely, more constructively.  Others reach levels of awareness so profound that one such experience is enough for a lifetime.  Still others become seekers-after-truth and add an on-going adventure to their daily activity.”


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