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FlatLand HyperSpace For School Kids & Adults




FlatLandThought I’d upload this, this is freely available, but as most ppl havent heard of it, i thought i’d upload it. This book is over 110 years old, but popularised hyperspace & hypercubes before the words were even invented, amazingly its still ridiculously easy to read, & teaches the complex subjects with ease.If schools taught this as part of their maths & science curriculums, we’d see children actually enjoying the classes. This book is a classic & written by a teacher in 1880 well ahead of his time, explains hyperspace theory & quantum mechanics, better then any stephan hawkings or isaac asimov novel ever could, inspiring.This is NOT a maths book and doesnt contain anything heavywhich is what makes it a great read, skim the pages & get a new way at looking at the world, will do wonders for your inner game imoexcerpt from”In the book, men are portrayed as polygons whose social class is directly proportional to the number of sides they have; therefore, triangles, having only three sides, are at the bottom of the social ladder and are considered generally unintelligent, while the Priests are composed of multisided polygons whose shapes approximate a circle, which is considered to be the “perfect” shape.”Some chapers i’d recommendFlatland: Section 10     Of the suppression of the Chromatic Sedition. Flatland: Section 17     How the Sphere, having in vain tried words, resorted to deeds.Flatland: Section 6     Of recognition by sight. Flatland: Section 7     Concerning irregular figures.


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