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Self Help Gear Title #001 : Transition TitleFlac Encoded.  This is white noise subliminal.  No music.  This is the transition title that ships with every order.”Tape/CD #001 should be digested before moving on to the title(s) you’ve ordered.  #001 is a transitional program designed to prepare the subconscious mind and to reduce change-shock.  You’ll only have to listen to it ten times or so before moving on to the title(s) you have selected.  Your conscious resistance will be almost nothing to the suggestions on #001 since you have no background in any of the features it contains (subliminal security, loop commands, etc.).  It is advisable to refresh with #001 from time to time, especially if you have not listened to your title tapes for a few weeks.”-=-=-=-=-=-Titles Uploaded:#001 – Transitional#105 – Improve Social Skills#192 – SaboClear#279 – Attractor/Magnet#282 – Confidex/LionMindIf you like their stuff, please buy from them at  All titles are affordable.


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