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iMusic Volume 1

iMusic Volume 1 FLAC
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Description 1.1Play this first of three discs to quickly enter the accelerated learning state. Work at the same high level as elite learners and scholars while reading non-fiction, doing research, learning and building knowledge in any subject.Volume 1.2Use iMusic | Volume 1.2 to enter the ideal mental state for memory intensive studying and learning. Just push play to create the perfect non-intrusive back drop for any memory task. Whether you’re studying for an examination, learning a new language or memorizing a speech, use Volume 1.2 when you want to activate your absorbent and receptive mind.Volume 1.3Play iMusic | Volume 1.3 to attain peak concentration for the most demanding mental tasks—whether they be learning, pursuing complex lines of thought, writing or theoretical analysis. This springboard to intellectual achievement will supply you with the mental stamina and high thought capacity to tenaciously follow through on mind intensive  work.


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