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Self Help Gear Title #282 : Confidex/LionMindFlac Encoded.  This is white noise subliminal.  No music.From”Use this subliminal tape or cd to increase self confidence and raise self esteem.Maybe you’ve seen someone doing something, either in your own circle of friends or in the media and you’ve thought “Wow that takes guts”. Even if you don’t want to perform anything in public or just to impress someone, a lack of confidence, or ‘guts’ can reduce you to living AND experiencing life by several notches. If everyone who wanted to leave their jobs or other situations in their lives had the confidence to do it at 9:00 tomorrow morning, there would be social upheaval everywhere.But limits have been placed on millions of people, from a variety of sources, which keep them down and keep them humble.Confidex/LionMind won’t turn you into an obnoxious bore, but it WILL give you a skin of steel you didn’t have before. Rejection and fear of rejection will pale compared to a new sense of invincibility.This title will instill extreme amounts of confidence in your ability to perform tasks and do things you have had trouble doing because of esteem issues.Aside from issues of self-esteem, a lot of hesitation is involved in timid action. scripting on this program eliminates hesitation in the same way that FearSoaking/Jumpmaster does but with an emphasis on self-worth.This title is for you if:You display what you consider a normal amount of confidence but feel that a higher level would enable to you improve your situation in life.You are lacking in confidence and are paying the price for it by not being able to do what you want.”-=-=-=-=-=-Titles Uploaded:#001 – Transitional#105 – Improve Social Skills#192 – SaboClear#279 – Attractor/Magnet#282 – Confidex/LionMindIf you like their stuff, please buy from them at  All titles are affordable.


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