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Sleep Programming High Achievers Mega Kit – Dick Sutphen (MP3s)

Dick Sutphen – Sleep Programming High Achievers Mega-Kit



Sleep ProgrammingAs you relax and drift into first-stage sleep, the cycle-per-second activity of your brain slows down to alpha. The second level of theta precedes deep delta sleep. Alpha and theta are the levels accessed for hypnosis programming. So suggestions delivered at these mental levels are as effective as hypnotic mind programming. And a US Government Technical Services research report on sleep programming indicates that even in deep delta sleep, the suggestions are very effective.All you have to do is listen as you go to sleep.Mastered as approximately 50-minute sessions, the programs begin with Dick Sutphen directing a relaxation. Behind his voice and soothing music is a brain/mind “follow-response” sound that helps to put you to sleep. When the relaxation is complete you hear nearly 2,000 words of paced and repeated suggestions, phrased for acceptance by all levels of your mind. The words fade away at the end of each CD, directing you to sleep soundly through the night and to awaken refreshed, at peace with yourself, and inspired to begin a new day.You begin by creating the essential foundations for powerhouse achievement: security, self-confidence, self-discipline, assertion. Next, you’re gently but irresistibly programmed with killer techniques for fast learning and fast earning! Finally – and all this takes just weeks, or even days – you’re fully reprogrammed with the belief system of the world’s very highest achievers – the unshakable knowledge that Anything Is Possible.Dick Sutphen is a best selling New Age author and seminar trainer who specializes in brain/mind technology. He instructs medical professionals in how to use his life-changing techniques. 165,000 people have attended a Sutphen Seminar.


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