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Holosync – Awakening Level 2 – No Subliminals

Holosync AL2



This was liberated from BitMe where it contained Spanish subliminals. I have completely removed the subliminals (included here in MP3 for your entertainment). As with all brain altering material… use at your own risk.Reminder: Check out the Holosync Group Buy (under way) in the Group Buy Forum for the remaining 10 levelsFollowing is the description (also liberated) from that site:Here is Centerpointe Research Institutes’ Awakening Level 2.If you want to know more about it there is a huge information page at the website: explains pretty much all there is to know about their products and does a much better job at it than I could ever do.Now one of the first things you will notice is that there is only one copy of The Dive and it has a filename of “Disk 1-4 01 The Dive.flac” When I got these from the person that ripped them from the CDs I decoded all four of these to wave and ran a MD5 checksum on them and found that they are all the same for all 4 CDs. Only the Immersion tracks differed from each other. But to clarify, the dive that is on level 2 is different from the one on the Prologue. You can even hear the difference. I have not had a chance to check them against Level 1 but am assuming that they are different because every level goes a little lower as explained on that web page I mentioned and I quote:”At a certain point, your nervous system will finish creating the new structure it needs in order to handle the Holosync stimulus it’s been receiving. What happens then?Here’s what happens: At a certain point (generally after about four months), your brain will have made all the changes it needs to make to handle the stimulus from Awakening Prologue. At that point you’re like the runner who’s been running two miles a day for several months, and now two miles has become easy, because the body has created the physical structure it needs to handle it.At this point, if you find yourself saying “Wow! This is great, and I want to continue this process,” you can move to the second level of the program, where we take you into the same alpha, theta, delta brain wave patterns, but create these slower brain wave patterns using what’s called a lower carrier frequency.The carrier frequency is what the precise sine wave tones of the Holosync stimulus “ride” on, and one of the things I discovered years ago is that lowering the carrier frequency makes the technology much stronger. It increases the stimulus to the brain and creates an even deeper meditation experience…and a new and deeper level of positive change.This incredible secret of increasingly lower carrier frequencies is the “Master Key” to getting the greatest benefit from this type of technologically enhanced meditation and no one else in the neurotechnology field is doing it!This second, deeper level is called Awakening Level 1, and usually takes about 6 months to complete. At that point, you’re ready for Awakening Level 2, where we again lower the carrier frequency, again increasing the input to the brain, again taking you to still deeper changes!And so it goes, until we’ve taken you down to the lowest carrier frequency possible. There are, in fact, twelve levels after Awakening Prologue, each with progressively lower carrier frequencies, if you choose to experience them all.”So how do you know for sure that you are ready to move on?1. You completed at least 6 months of use of your current level2. Any physical, mental, emotional upheaval you may have experienced has been smoothed are able to remain fully conscious during the great majority of your listening sessions while sitting up.4. You have a feeling that the soundtracks are not as powerful or do not have the same impact as they once had.If you doubt that flac is necessary for this then please feel free to hit your back button and look at something different. I am sure there are some that want this but if not that is fine also. These have been compressed at level 8 with Flac 1.1.3 so thats as small as they are going to get. You will have to forgive my upload speed right now as I am spread a little thin but I have never dropped a product so just grab it and it will finish long before most of you are ready to use it. For those that grab them I hope you find what you are looking for.Enjoy!


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