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Michael Hall – Mind Lines (VIDEO)

Michael Hall – Mind Lines



As Lines For Changing Minds, Mind-Lines explores the very structure of communication excellence and meaning-making. By it you will receive training in how to become a Linguistic Magician regarding how you and others create meanings and what you can do about limiting and unenhancing meanings that get in your way.Training in Mind-Lines will also empower you in how you set frames with people in your everyday conversations so that you can effectively respond to objections, excuses, and misunderstandings. You will discover how to do Conversational Reframing with confidence, grace, and power.What Will You Get Via the MIND-LINES Training?Skills for getting to the Higher Level Thinking of People–the thinking behind their thinking to control experience itselfIncrease Profitability using more Effective Persuasion SkillsFirst Use of the new technologyCbefore your competitors learn to use them. The Power to Reframe the Meanings that controls the perceptions that people attribute to things Skills for completely Outframing Negative meanings to make life more enjoyablePower to set your own frames to manage your own states, run your own brain & direct your own succes7 Directions for Re-Directionalizing a human Mind 20-plus Mind-Line PatternsFun Practice in Mind-Lining Excuses & objections that otherwise would stop youSecrets for installing the Mind-Lines into your speech patternsControl over “difficult” customers & the power to transform “visitors” into buyersThe most current Training Manual for learning Mind-LinesNLP & meta-State exercises for installing the skillsAnd much more


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