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Self Help Gear Title #279 : Attractor/MagnetFlac Encoded.  This is white noise subliminal.  No music.”Can listening to a subliminal tape direct your steps to an event where you will meet someone special ?Yes.This isn’t one of those tapes you play and are able to seduce someone. Beware of any ads that read that way. It implies you would have to keep them hostage for a long time. (We sometimes wish this technology would work this fast, but then change our minds when the misuses are considered.)This program subconsciously directs your steps. An element of discretion is also added so you won’t fall for the next person that makes a pass at you, since the program will have the effect of drawing several prospects into your sphere.This isn’t the stuff one night stands are made of, but a serious enhancer for someone looking for a long term relationship with someone they share a lot in common with.”For more info on how this type of subliminal works, check this out-=-=-=-=-=-Titles Uploaded:#001 – Transitional#105 – Improve Social Skills#192 – SaboClear#279 – Attractor/Magnet#282 – Confidex/LionMindIf you like their stuff, please buy from them at  All titles are affordable.


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