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Paul Mascetta- The Authority Code

Authority Code
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Help us keep elib all the more special for its exclusivity.Out of respect for the original authors and publishers,please do not make this available outside of our community.Thanks for keeping elib awesome!This exclusive material brought to you by the participants of thePaul Mascetta- The Authority Code Group buyThis GB is remaining 3 payments and will be closedGB PAGE Page’s Most Powerful Influencers Know Something You Don’t. This is It.Discover The Most Powerful Weapon of Influence Known To Man And How You Can Use It To Gain Attention, Respect & Compliance From OthersYou’ve Seen This “Little Known Strategy” at Work on Television, in Politics, and in the Message of Today’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs, Personalities, and Leaders.Crack this Four Stage Code And Use the Proven Power of Psychological Influence to Establish Your Authority.The Authority Code Video Training CourseStage 1: Set The frameHere’s what you’ll discover…How you can become any authority in any niche, no matter where you are now, where you have been, or what your qualifications are simply by following a set of established psychological patterns and concepts tested and proven after years of research and analysis…Authority Explained – The subliminal response few question but everyone is influenced by. Discover the true difference between authority figures and everyone that follows by studying the psychology of authority you can use to influence anyone…Why 66% of subjects in laboratory tests will actually blindly follow an authority beyond the point where their actions are no longer accepted within cultural norms or moral code…How perception of authority impacts the decision making process and the incredibly simple yet easily applied principles of applied authority and leadership that force others to follow without even thinking about it…60+ years of research broken, down, explained and applied to the concept of leadership establishment and charisma development…7 ways to harness the power of “snap judgment respect” – Most decisions to follow authority occur within a split second, understand these 7 principles and gain respect instantly…4 voice techniques for subconscious authority positioning and techniques you can use to reposition the way you think to gain immediate respect and the attention of any audience…Your “Authority Persona” Checklist – A complete breakdown of the steps you’ll follow to establish your authority as a leader and convince your audience to listen…Credibility vs. Persuasion vs. Influence – Do you know the difference? This is a vital distinction you’ll learn and apply to bridge the gap between mere credibility, respect and the impact you’ll have on the actions and thoughts of others…Becoming an influencer with credibility and how you can create an aura of leadership that follows you everywhere you go…The commonality most leaders with influence share (you see this in Oprah Winfrey and Tony Robbins) and how you can use this elusive force to shape the minds of others…6 factors in attaining credibility, how to use them, and why they are essential techniques of influence you must learn if you want to become capable of being believed and worthy to receive the confidence of others…Understanding the ONLY way a follower will make a change out of his or her comfort zone and how you can help a follower make this decision with a key piece of information you’ll learn to share…Dealing with other leaders, how to position yourself on equal footing as even the most powerful of influencers and authorities, and techniques you’ll use to avoid the defensive front most leaders will put up after you begin using these stills in your life…Why facts don’t work with most people, a better way to persuade, and a presentation technique you’ll use to capture the attention of your audience and keep until you are finished making your point…And much, much more as you begin to discover and frame your authority!Stage 2: Engineer PowerYou’ll learn…Why you don’t need to have proof of your ideas, concepts, or methods to successfully establish your own credibility (DON’T SKIP this section unless you are already in a position of power and authority) …How to take the accomplishments of others, ethically borrow them, and use them to advance your position as a powerful authority…3 case study examples of “Power Transfer” through networking within an organization (use this technique in to rapidly move up the ladder and past your current ceiling of achievement)…Passive vs. Active Transfers of power an dozens of ways you’ll use both to borrow the authority, reputation, power, and even ability of another person and use it to achieve your goals of influence…Why all proof mechanisms are not the same and how you can use 7+ different types of proof to create authority…How to keep credibility transfers you’ve created from being destroyed or taken away (this is a set of techniques you’ll use to guarantee you will not lose all of the work you do establishing yourself)…Creating your “Authority Power Base and Platform” to claim your position as an expert authority. This is the planned-for-you and detailed path you’ll use to build a platform for your ideas, mission, products, or services…The “3-5 Year Principle” – A litmus test for your niche positioning and authority building efforts. Pass this test before you move on! You’ll need to consider the full impact of your work before you start…5 Primary Ways People Will Learn From You and how to use each of them to create an authority base you can profit from…Marketing your position of authority (learn these lessons and save thousands on the cost of marketing consultation services). You’ll learn to build your very own brand…Websites, books, blogs, social media, content and more – See how all the puzzle pieces of online authority building fit together…5 Different Authority styles – You’ll pick the style that most suits who you are and move forward establishing an authority persona matched to your objectives, goals, and desired outcomes…How you can use virtual platforms to help other people feel like they are connected to you. You can also use this technique to create a group of followers—a “tribe” that feels connected to your voice, leadership, and message…And so much more as you plot, plan out, and engineer your position of power!Stage 3: Become The AlphaYou’ll learn to create a path others will beg to follow as you discover…Your “Alpha Personality” – The natural leadership ability you can unlock from within yourself to create a path others will willingly follow (if there is a secret to entrepreneurial success, this may be it!)…52+ character traits, qualities, and pinpointed profiles of your personality you can either work on, emulate, or include in your persuasive process to become an alpha leader, entrepreneur, or highly regarded visionary thinker…Displaying morals, sound ethics, and values from your heart, incorporating these elements into your work, and exciting the mind and spirit of your followers as they recognize your passion and purpose…How to make people gravitate toward you and become the magnetic pull capable of drawing in the attention of anyone involved in your target niche…Techniques you can use to show the self-discipline everyone expects from leaders (even if you aren’t self-disciplined) and how to become a shining beacon of hope in a world where so many goals are set and then forgotten…Methods you’ll apply that will help other people set and achieve goals (once you do these, you’ll have a tribe of followers that’s impossible to shake away)…Your new process for finding ways to remove obstacles. This little-known trait is a key ability of leaders who set out to establish their authority through helping others. You’ll use it to move forward in your life and show others to do the same..Ever wonder how many leaders end up with 10x, 100x, or what seems like 1,000x more energy than everyone else? Not only will you find out how super achievers “create more time in the day,” you’ll learn how to do it yourself…How to develop superior social skills so you can “talk the talk” that creates change, makes people feel the impact of your words, and fosters instant connection in conversations…The art of storytelling and how to use metaphors, stories, and memorable anecdotes to reinforce the ideas and concepts you’re ready to share with the world…Communicating your way to a bigger network of influencers, opportunities, and chances to succeed and share your message with more people…The step-by-step process of eloquence and physical presence development. Use your strong persona for good (and recognize how it can be abused for evil) as you create an unstoppable charisma for influence and become a force for lasting change…Why (and how) you can stop letting the “small stuff” bother you and focus in on the more important factors influencing your life, the lives of others, and outcomes…Techniques for effective listening even when the spotlight is still on you (remember not to lose your ability to listen because if you do, your position as an authority is threatened at it’s very foundation)…How to remind yourself you are still human despite the power you’ll feel when you embrace this process and path to influence the lives of so many other people…And more as you actively become the alpha leader others will only ever aspire to be!Stage 4: Speak The LanguageLearn to speak the language of authority, leadership, and influence as you find…The H.I.L. Language Formula – The subtle differences in tone of voice, use to action words, and linguistic shifts you’ll use to create your own lexicon of influence…An “A to E” look at powerful action words, how you can use them to call others to follow, convert on an offer, embrace an idea, or go out in the world and spread your message (use these action words carefully)…“3 C’s Of Communication” and the best practices in speaking presentation (or even content development) you need to know before you attempt to influence anyone…How to create a powerful voice that exudes passion while speaking from your core—from the very heart of your principles—and communicates a clear authenticity of purpose others will hear in your voice and imagine in their minds…4 Keys to Voice Projection – Often overlooked public speech fundamentals that will separate your voice from others and create stand out authority in an instant…Why the _________ of your voice matters TWICE AS MUCH as the content of your message…The 3 ways listeners experience your voice – Learn these, adapt to them, and create your speaking persona around them to improve your influence and speaking power…12+ techniques for pacing your speech, authoritative delivery style, expert presentations, stage command and many more of the apply right now to notice the difference techniques you can use to command authority…Posture and presence – How to change your body position to impact the way people listen and methods you can implement to keep from blending into the crowd of listeners that surrounds us…15+ distracting behaviors that make a massive impact on how people perceive you during a presentation (it doesn’t matter if you are recording yourself speaking for a broadcast or webinar, or if you are presenting live, these are essential must-learn behaviors)…How to use Hypnotic Language to reinforce your authority – As soon as you learn this hypnotic language techniques, you’ll see them at work when you watch successful leaders and authority figures speak…Techniques to make the complex process of tapping into subconscious thought with language patters as easy as following a pre-proven set of hypnotic principles…20 Hypnotic Language Pattern scripts – Broken down and explained by audience, purpose, and situation. Just swipe and apply these scripts in presentations or conversations to gain your subconscious edge in authority…Easy, step-by-step, fill-in-the-blank authority building language techniques you can copy right into presentations, content you create, and conversations you have to establish yourself as a leader worthy of working with…And much, much more!Standard


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