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Hypnotica – Sphinx Of Imagination

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Guys this CD is nearly an hour long which to me is too long… but check it out.. FLAC VERSIONOverview from the website: By listening to the Sphinx of Imagination you can:    * Enhance your ability to dream of and create greater possibilities    * Rediscover life’s larger meaning and purpose    * Be inspired to channel your thoughts and dreams into a dynamic force to help liberate and change your life and enhance the lives of others    * Align yourself with a new energy and optimism for the future    * Build an inner awareness of self discovery… and much, much more.The Sphinx of Imagination is a storyteller’s dream. Hypnotically, it will transport you through many different aspects of your own mind. The Sphinx of Imagination teaches an unusual story of creation, one that takes place between the Real and the Fantasy. This 60-minute metaphoric masterpiece is noted as one of the most complex and interesting stories ever told. It took over six years to design and develop. The Sphinx was created by Hypnotica and musically scored and sound designed by Denver Clay.Listeners will have varied experiences with the Sphinx of Imagination: some will not remember anything at all; others will find their consciousness awakened on a profound level. The result of your own voyage will be a new framework for your development as an individual.”Some CD’s … aim to elicit more than a feeling or a body movement from listeners. For the last six years … Hypnotica, and Denver Clay, a keyboardist and composer, have been working on a CD that they say will affect the listener more powerfully than any of these. “-Neil Strauss (style)The New York Times


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