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NLP Cafe Flirtation Video




CAFE FLIRTATION VIDEONLP SLIDING ANCHORSThis short instructional video is concentrated and jammed packed with content. Witness NLP used for flirtation by an NLP certified hypnotist in a real life setting.The short 11 minute video is a perfect blend of instruction and demonstration!You will see examples of…….      How you can easily transition your conversation into the ideal flirtation format.      How you can set anchors withing the context of your conversation.      The dfference between the association and disassociation, and which one is vital in order to put her in the desired state.      How to innocuously have her fantasize without being explicit or telling her what to think, and how to link those fantasies to you.      How you can turn a simple NLP anchor into a sliding anchor.      You can put her into a heightened state of fantasy and pleasure in mere moments! …This short video has NO fluff or filler. Direct teaching. Clear demonstration!!!Requirements: RealOne Player


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