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Tamara Andreas – Core Transformation

Core Transformation
[4 DVDs – Rip]



This is the result of a GB keep this product exclusive of elib. Don’t share it with others!This new 4 DVD programme covers the entire contents of the Tamara Andreas’ 3 day core transformation workshop. The processes you’ll learn here do more than just solve problems-they are designed to help us evolve as human beings. Through using these methods, we find our consciousness changing-our way of being in the world shifts to a new level. We might describe it as becoming more whole, more in touch with our inner Core, more authentic and congruent. The good news is that from this new level of consciousness, many issues that have been troubling us just automatically resolve themselves, without trying. People have stopped smoking without trying, they’ve reached a new level of intimacy, difficult relationships have improved, old learning disabilities have cleared up, etc.Close to 100% of the participants in this programme experience some substantial change for the better. Even when someone hasn’t achieved the specific results they wanted, they often achieve something more important. One way to think about it is that through this programme, troubles and difficulties can become our best friends in disguise. They become a doorway to a deeper experience. Tamara will prepare you for each transformation process by telling you stories, and sharing examples from her own life and work with others. Then you’ll watch as she demonstrates each process by guiding a workshop participant, one-on-one. You’ll also hear reports from your “co-participants” in the live seminar, and share in their excitement about the changes they-and you-are experiencing.This DVD program is for Everyone. You don’t need any prior training or particular background. What you need to get results is here, presented in an enjoyable, easy-to-understand way. In addition, Therapists, counsellors and health professionals will find the techniques helpful with a wide range of clients. Professionals appreciate the care with which each process is presented, and the enjoyable mode of learning.Tamara Andreas is co-author of the groundbreaking book, Core Transformation, and of the Core Transformation Trainer’s Manual. She has guided thousands of seminar participants and clients around the world through these life-changing processes.4 DVDs (just over 7 hours) plus 49 page Participant Manual & Workbook containing the word-for-word script for each exercise.VIP and up: 14 daysPower Users: 28 daysGeneral Access: 60 days


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