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Mindmakeovers-Sports Hypnosis-

SportMotivation Mindmakeovers
[1CD – 3MP3s]



It is easy with our powerful and refined self help sports motivation program to achieve the performance, focus, drive and determination to full fill and exceed your sporting ambition.Visualisation and Hypnotherapy have been used by many sporting professionals such as Jack Nicklaus and the coach of the LA Lakers who used hypnosis on his basketball team to attain their peak performance.Sport psychology has improved the success of countless Olympians and professional athletes by utilising visualization.The body achieves what the mind believes . . .Our ground breaking approach combines a fusion of both of these powerful self development tools into one unique, ultimate 3 in one program.Hypnotherapy on its own doesn’t always work for everyone, everybody is different and unique, so hypnotherapy may achieve different levels of success, which is why our specially designed program includes an innovative reinforcing visualization exercise that will compliment and strengthen your hypnotherapy so that it achieves its maximum potential.Scientific studies have confirmed that it takes 21 days to remove mental obstacles or negative thought patterns. So we escort you through this challenging period with your own three week plan, which consists of a daily hypnotherapy session and a very small willpower boosting visualization exercise, which only takes 3 minutes extra out of your day.Visualisation strengthens, maintains and reinforces your hypnotherapy sessions with us. This empowers you to succeed in your sporting ambitions and gives you the complete focus and single mindedness you need to get you to the top of the league whether it is professionally, as an amateur or on a purely personal level.Also included with this program is a dynamic, boosting subliminal affirmation track which will further enhance your willpower and push you ahead in your sports or fitness endeavours.”Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision”Muhammad Ali


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