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Jon Mercer – UltraConfidence System

UltraConfidence System [PC]
[PC – Updated Version]



I actually bought this. This is a elib Exclusive, so don’t share it anywhere else.It is the updated version of the UltraConfidence system that is already uploaded here.  The only difference is that the movie’s dimensions are bigger (good for big displays) and that it goes full screen so the desktop clutter doesn’t bother you while you watch.Quote:The UltraConfidence system uses interactive software videos to teach, motivate and retrain your brain all at the same time. Each software video contains thousands of peripheral messages: words, symbols, pictures and sounds and “loaded questions” that contain a hidden “statement of fact.” All of these powerful elements work together to send a clear message of confidence and success to the subconscious mind. personally had results with that program (hence why I bought it) and I recommend it to everyone.


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