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Joanna Sloan – Using Stories And Humor

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Scanned by me, figured some guys could use it… Probably gonna scan something about shadow next. Or maybe Speed reading people… DescriptionWith endorsements from two of the largest and most influential public speaking groups — the National Speakers Association and Toastmasters International– this book is written by an award-winning speaker and storyteller. Stories add depth and interest to any presentation. They get an audience listening, add a change of pace, teach without preaching, provide a context for information, and create a bond between the speaker and the audience. This practical, down-to-earth guide will teach readers how to use stories and humor to support their speaking objectives. From the apparently “spontaneous” story that’s planned well in advance to an entire presentation that is a story, the author demonstrates how professional speakers use stories and humor, and shows how readers can use these elements to add polish and appeal to their own speeches and presentations. Readers will find a wealth of step-by-step ideas, tips, worksheets, and exercises to help you make effective use of stories. They’ll discover how to create the critical elements of successful stories, learn how to see with a storyteller’s eye, master techniques like foreshadowing and pace to create interest and drama. They will even find out how to become a likable narrator, keep their presentation balanced, and fresh – even when called upon to repeat it often. This is an ideal reference for professionals and novice speakers who want be remembered by their audiences. Part of the Essence of Public Speaking Series.


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