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Gary Craig – Mastering EFT

Gary Craig – Mastering EFT
[11 DVDs – Rip]



Available immediately to all users.Mastering Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT: 12 hours of video on DVD Overview: 12 hours of video on DVD. For serious students who aspire to capture all of EFT’s endless possibilities. Watch while EFT Founder Gary Craig and 7 EFT Masters converse and get behind the scenes of their actual cases. This launching pad toward Masterdom opens opens the creative doors so that you can learn what truly separates the Masters from the average. In addition, Gary does 4 live sessions and purposely stops along the way to display his thinking at critical points. This is like having a front row seat as you listen into the EFT Founder’s creative thinking.Benefits:    * Summarizes the refinements that are displayed in the previous DVD sets.    * Shows why TESTING YOUR WORK is vitally important.    * Explores the use of Surrogate EFT and using SPECIFIC EVENTS for difficult cases.    * Investigates a dozen or more critical concepts.    * Instant replay any video segment for thorough learning.Contents:    * 7 EFT Masters (Carol Look, Sophia Cayer, Nancy Gnecco,      Rue Hass, David Rourke, Gwyneth Moss, Andy Bryce) from 3 countries      (USA, Canada, England) share essential refinements to the EFT process.      5 complete panel discussions. Some topics are: Testing, Finding      doors, Surrogate work, Abreactions, Rapport, Flexibility,      Using Specific Events and a dozen others.    * Gary Craig conducts 4 live cases wherein he stops to exhibit      his thoughts and decisions about how to proceed. Topics are:          o Epilepsy          o Anger          o Facial pain          o Sexual abuse    * For completeness, numerous audience questions are entertained.


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