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Jack Canfield – how to build high self-esteem

Jack Canfield – How to Build High Self-Esteem
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– re-upped cause of a little problem the last time stars, based on 7 reviews How to Build High Self-EsteemWith more and more challenges in the classroom and in the profession, teachers, counselors and administrators need high self-esteem. In fact, high self-esteem, and a feeling of self-worth, is central to fulfillment and success in every aspect of our lives — from relationships to careers to lifestyle. But more importantly, each year, thousands of schools recognize the value of high self-esteem to the overall success of their students and educators.Jack Canfield’s How to Build High Self-Esteem program teaches the key skills educators need to expand their own self-esteem, to release self-imposed limits, to overcome fear and realize their own potential.Jack begins by outlining the ways in which educators often, unwittingly, undermine their own self-worth and unknowingly destroy the self-esteem of those around them, including their students. Participants learn how to be more successful immediately by overcoming their own negative inner-critic, by reversing their limiting beliefs and by eliminating debilitating guilt. Your audience will learn to take charge of their lives and responsibility for their outcomes by breaking free of the blame-and-complain cycle and choosing a more pro-active mindset. In addition, participants will learn: The Four Building Blocks of High Self-Esteem. Common Sources of Low Self-Esteem to Avoid. The Basic Needs of All People The Power of Positive Focus How to Create Effective Support Groups Daily Success Activities Develop Personal and Professional Growth How to Overcome Negative Emotions How to Overcome Put-Downs and Negative Criticism Three Activities to Build ResponsibilityA special section on risk-taking helps participants plan for future successes — and realize them — through the exploration of barriers to success and goal-setting activities.Jack closes with a brief short-course on the same Ten Steps to Success outlined in his other powerful programs. Participants learn to: move forward by “completing” their past; use positive self-talk to convince themselves they can; acknowledge and affirm their professional and personal strengths; clarify their vision for the future before they attempt to get there; set goals and objectives; visualize the outcome; take action immediately; respond positively to feedback; persevere; and celebrate successes along the way.How to Build High Self-Esteem is a comprehensive and highly applicable program that has proven to be effective with tens of thousands of participants. It is based upon the widely popular audio program How to Build High Self-Esteem developed and sold through Nightingale-Conant to more than 350,000 individuals.


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