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Hypnotica – The Sphinx of Imagination

Hypnotica – The Sphinx of Imagination
[1 CD – WAV]



I noticed that a couple people were uploading various formats of the Sphinx of Imagination (320 kbps mp3, apple lossless, flac (?)), but since Hypnotica himself says that subliminally the quality of the CD has an effect all the way up to standard WAV format, I thought I’d just rip the full CD and post it up.  I’m personally skeptical if it really makes a difference, but I thought it would be nice to offer you guys the option.  Take it or leave it, but if you don’t grab this one, then I highly suggest that you get the file from one of the other products.A description of the file has already been posted up, so I think it would be redundant to post the exact same thing yet again; something more helpful is this link, which contains a ton of user opinions (the vast majority of which are positive).This is the first time I’ve tried to upload something, so if something goes wrong, just let me know and I’ll try to fix it.Cheers!


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