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Michael Hall – Frame Games (VIDEO)

Michael Hall – Frame Games



If you’re ready for a journey into the structure of meaning and mind, frame Games will take you on an adventure into the very matrix of the frames of your mind. As Morpheus did in the movie, “The Matrix,” Dr. Hall invites you to “take the red pill” so that you can wake up from “the world that’s been pulled down over your eyes.” Then you can become free from the domination of your own frames. This manual and video tape (also available in audio cassette) prepares you to play some brand new mind games that will equip and empower you to hack into any Matrix of Meaning and master that Matrix from a higher state of mind. This book is about how to free your mind, take charge of it, and operate it as a Game Master.frame Games establishes another expression of meta-States and opens up an entirely new approach.You can Master the Games for “Running Your Own Brain described in this video and manual.With frame Games you will be able to access the right kind of mental frames that will put you in charge of your own states and emotions.It will increase your effectiveness, productivity, health, personal genius, etc.In frame Games you will discover that all of life is a Game played within frames and frames-of-frames.You will discover how to detect, alter, and transform the Matrix of your Mental frames and to thereby enter into an entirely new world of experience.Use the manual NOT INCLUDED in conjunction with the video to enhance and improve your training!NLP Video ProductionsIn conjunction with theInternational Society of Neuro-Semantics®frame GamesBy L. Michael Hall Ph. D.


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