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Erika Fromm – Self-Hypnosis The Chicago Paradigm

Erika Fromm – Self-Hypnosis – The Chicago Paradigm
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Review“An innovative approach to the study of the hypnotic experience, uniting psychodynamic insight with experimental method. It belongs on the shelf of everyone interested in hypnosis, clinicians and researchers alike.’ –John Kihlstrom, Ph.D., University of Arizona “It is a pleasure to come upon a book such as this which frees the topic of self-hypnosis and hypnosis more generally from the mixture of the mystical, spooky, and neurotic quality one finds still in public media or even in some clinical literature. Fromm and Kahn and the Chicago group provide a refreshing, indeed exciting, view of the phenomenon of self-hypnosis that centers it clearly in fundamentally psychological science….This is a remarkable and comprehensive description of a basic human phenomenon. The book combines basic research review and analysis of new studies with carefully developed, sound clinical suggestions for application of self-hypnosis in personal development, health, and psychotherapy. It is the definitive work on the subject and with its lucid, jargon-free writing style, it should interest mental health workers of all disciplines, physicians, dentists, and certainly behavioral scientists and graduate students.’ –Jerome L. Singer, Ph.D.“An invaluable sourcebook for clinicians and researchers alike. It is in the finest tradition of Dr. Fromm’s work: gracefully combining scholarly rigor and clinical relevance.’ –Michael Nash, Ph.D.“Erika Fromm is the grand dame of clinical hypnosis research and her impact on the field is great….In SELF-HYPNOSIS: THE CHICAGO PARADIGM, Fromm and Kahn pull strongly from scattered book chapters and journal articles to integrate and extend their self-hypnosis studies and the implications of their studies for clinical hypnosis. In-depth chapters address the use of self-hypnosis for psychotherapy and for the enhancement of the creative process.’ –Helen J. Crawford, Ph.D. “Valuable reading for experienced clinicians who wish to deepen their knowledge of self-hypnosis. For experimentalists in hypnotic phenomena, it is de rigueur.’ –Journal of Clinical Psychiatry This file is a JPEG collection use CDisplay for a comfortable reading


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