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David Allen – Getting Things Done

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This is a reseed. I’m not sure what happened to the old one but constructX asked me to upload it. Credits to the original uploader.This is a book on time management, considered by some to be the best book on the subject. It has even achieved a bit of a cult status on the internet. It can get a bit convoluted in parts but I highly recommend it.It rests on the guiding principle that a person needs to move tasks out of their mind and get them recorded somewhere. This frees your mind from having to worry about your “open loops” and allows you to focus on the actual execution of those tasks. It differs from many other time management books in that, while most methods focus on a top-down approach which starts with goal-setting and then you break your goals down into projects and actions. In contrast, Getting Things Done uses your list of “things to do” as a way of defining your projects, and integrates regular goal setting as a part of the “weekly review”. It’s great for people who need to manage many different “projects” (I’ve got the PUA project, the Get in Shape project, the School Project etc). Here are some links about GTD:Wikipedia entry: page: Click hereForums discussing GTD:’m sure that many others can recommend ways of using this system so make sure to leave comments, or PM me and I’ll add it to the description.Enjoy,vector


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