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Dan Harlan – Mindbogglers Vol. 2,3,4

Mind Bogglers
[3 DVDs – Ripped]


Basically this isn’t magic.  It is just all mind tricks you can use to impress your friends or target.  Note: Vol. 3 has really bad audio sync, but it is worth it to Learn How to REMOVE A GIRL’s BRA IN 6 SECS AND KEEP HER SHIRT ON.Volume 2 – Party Puzzlers Change a one dollar bill into a five, balance a dime on the edge of a dollar, write on someone’s face without them knowing it, push a quarter through a dime-size hole, know the date on a hidden quarter, write any color with a pencil, break a pencil with a dollar bill, tie a cigarette in a knot, read a number on a die behind your back, and more! Don’t believe it’s possible? Wanna bet? Robbin Hood’s Dollar-Paperclip shooting champ One to Five-No hocus pocus, just focus Strong Buck-Fishing for beer Bottle Neck-Classic puzzle, easier than it looks Balancing Bottle Neck-As hard as it looks Balanced Budget-A dime on a dollar’s edge Ben’s Mother-The answer is right there Croquet Coins-A question of movement Thirty-Five Cents-Two coin test Mark the Mark-All these lines on my face Two Bit Pusher-A quarter & a dime-sized hole Quickdraw-A dubious duel in your face Pokin’ A Round-Don’t get a big head over this Blind Date-X-ray vision, probably not Any Color You Like-An incredible pencil Nine Dots-Classic connect the dots puzzle Nine Dots Outdone-A topological topper Thumb Coordination-A swiveling swindle Buck Breaker-Test the mighty dollar Invisible Chickenwire-Unusual origami Thanks for Knot Smoking-Tied tobacco By Yourself-It’s all in the wording Get A Leg Up-Control their body Shove Off-When push comes to shove Rattle Box-Professional con game Spots Up-Are you psychic? Toss Two-Quick juggling stunt Volume 3 – Party Games Win at poker with all the cards face up or face down even when your opponent shuffles and deals, know your hand without looking, guarantee a win at a simple color matching game, pull a simple swindle with a classic card trick, thread a dozen strands through the eye of a single needle, remove a bra without removing any other clothing, and more! Don’t believe it’s possible? Wanna bet? Open Poker – Your opponent can’t win Eighteen Card Poker – The cards are all good, he shuffles, he cuts, he deals, but YOU WIN every time! Ten Card Poker-You’ll win even when your opponent picks the cards for your hand, and you’ll know your hand before you look at it! Hole Card-You’ll know exactly what your hole card is even with a borrowed deck. Color Mates-This game seems fair, but you’ll win every stime when you know the secret A Gentleman’s Game-A joke, a trick & a scam Circus Card Trick-Sure bet sours for your mark Cooking the Circus-Scam the scammer with this Cooking the Cook-A double-cross for the wise guys, plus you’ll learn to use the force One Finger-Better than the Vulcan death grip, this actually works Stringing Along-A strange but fun contest Eye Can-A dozen strands of thread through the eye of a single needle without breaking a sweat Prom Date-Valuable information for the guys Short Bus-A story problem with seemingly impossible answers that are self-evident There’s A Catch-The classic game of “pricking the garter” with an endless loop of chain Pitching Log-Non-transitive math finds a use! Newton’s Napkin-Your friend physics at work Ringer-Penetration with a little twist Volume 4 – Restaurant Riddles Drop a paper match so it lands on its edge, make a penny walk out from under a glass, add 3 to 11 and get 2, say 1000 words without using the letter “a,” stay under water for 5 minutes, lift a cube of ice with a piece of thread, float steel on water, make an egg jump from one shotglass to another, control your own pulse, and more! Don’t believe it’s possible? Wanna bet? Simple Answer-No match for this one Edgy-A paper match lands on its edge Match Martini-A classic puzzle Zen Martini-It’s a matter of perspective Foxy Boxes-The ultimate challenge The Game of Nim-Elegant game theory Cooking Nim-Throwing off the wiseguy Five in a Row-Testing your limits Penny Under Glass-Teach it to walk Moving Day-Sorting and shifting Short Stack-Optical illusion geometry Take Your Time-Watch this one closely No “A”-1000 words without an “a” How Many?-Wrong answers are all right Quick Questions-Series of swift foolers Go West-Common sense geography Submerged-Stay under water 5 minutes Weak End-An impossible test of strength Pretzel Logic-Let’s do the twist Carpalock-Which finger is heaviest? Arctic Rescue-Lift ice with thread Floating Steel-Tension can be helpful American History-Presidential payoff Crossed Luck-The bank roll bet Double Crossed-Double your money Strong Currency-Engineering a win Jumping Egg-Oh, go blow an egg, really Tie One On, Phase 1-A knotty problem Tie One On, Phase 2-The tricky tie Tie One On, Phase 3-Knot possible Heartstopper-Control your own pulse Martini Switch-Acrobatic coins Blowout-A candle through a bottle Suck ’em Up-All the elements converge Corker-Remove a cork from inside a bottle Egg Drop-The fun physics demonstration


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