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Derren Brown – The Heist (avi)

Derren Brown – The Heist.avi


“Derren Brown: The Heist” sees the “devil-bearded mind-fiddler” (Zoo Mag) using his unpleasant skills to persuade some middle-management businessmen and women into stealing a hundred thousand pounds in what they believe is a genuine (and supposedly unfilmed) armed robbery. The participants believe that they are taking part in a seminar where Derren teaches his skills, and a follow-up documentary to see how they’re getting on.The participants in the show also unwittingly take part in a re-construction of the famous 1960’s Obedience experiment by Stanley Milgram: a harrowing demonstration of people’s readiness to deliver apparently lethal electric shocks to a human being, merely because a man in a white coat tells them to. Reference:”This is amazing, definatley worth checking!


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