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Ellusionist – How to do street magic



“With a seconds notice, you can do the impossible.  I’m not talking about “pick a card” tricks you learned when you were a kid. I’m talking about the magic that took the big TV star magicians weeks, months, and even years to discover. You can achieve the illusions people WANT to see. No cutting ladies in half, no flashy lights, no boxes or fakey looking “props”. This is in-your-face magic. “The stuff” that made the top magicians who they are today.It’s so easy to learn! I have been practicing and honing this incredible art for 25 years now, and I promise you that after watching ‘The Video’, you will be able to perform incredible tricks the same day.  That’s my personal promise to you. STOP. I truthfully mean that. Our video has taken more people from 0 – 60, faster, with street magic, than any other. This is what the package is all about, teaching advanced, mind blowing magic and making it as simple as humanly possible for people to learn as quickly as possible.  I take great pride in the Street Package for this reason. It’s why we’re the only magic company around that offers an iron-clad money back guarantee on a video. Why, when no one else does? Because we have an extremely good teaching product, we KNOW it (from the results we watch people get, time and again), and we back it up – to the hilt.Every effect, every “move” is first performed live for a crowd so you can see it done by a master. You will check out every nuance (the entertainment value of owning the video is worth the cost). Then we go into the studio to break everything down for you step-by-step and teach not only HOW it is done but how to present it in a fail-proof manner. “Another great ellusionist product , great for beginners


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