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Abraham-Hicks – Money and Manifestation

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Money and Manifestation DVDAbraham-Hicks (Esther Hicks) Video: 720×480 1505 Kbps Sound: 192 Kbps (96/ch) CBR Total: 00:57:09This is a live video of the amazing Esther Hicks which Channels Abraham – A group of Non-Physical teachers. Abraham’s message is UPLIFITING AND WISE :The only true measure of success is the amount of joy that we are feeling.And for most of us (who are living on the cusp of this rising Information Age) much of our joy can be associated with our manifestations of money and the abundant variety of things that stimulate our interest.The seven segments that comprise this composite video have been selected specifically to enhance your knowing that there is nothing that you cannot be or do, or have.(Abraham advises us that the best time to work on our abundance is when we are feeling abundant.)Segments are excerpted from the video recordings 5V-8/26, 8/29, 9/2/00 (Monterey, CA).Subjects included:Thinking; feeling; getting – are always a match. (8:40)Nothing is more important than feeling good. (6:00)Delegate your desires to your Universal Manager. (6:30)Removing brakes from abundance in 17 seconds. (8:20)Visualize your economy for the pleasure received. (8:00)The summoning power of your big desires. (8:20)Letting Well-Being in through the Placemat Process. (14:00)Also check:Abraham-Hicks – Relationships and CoCreations DVD I totally recommend Abraham-Hicks DVDs, they are at the minimum a big boost of positive energy into your life, and for those struggling to expect the best and stay positive in all parts of your life.. Why are you waiting to download?


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