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Wayne Houchin – Sinful aka. Coin In A Can.avi

Wayne Houchin – Sinful aka. Coin In A Can[AVI].avi


This effect is just AMAZING. Trust me, I bought a few years ago almost every magic effect/book/video which was published but this one really rocks. It is a talk between Wayne Houchin and Chris Angel about the effect, including the explanation and the performance as seen on Mastermind.Borrow a spectator’s signed coin… ask for any can of soda or beer from anywhere… then watch their face as their signed coin miraculously penetrates their sealed can, which immediately is heard and seen inside the can. >> This effect can be performed Anywhere, Anytime with No special props.As a matter of fact, the spectator, not the magician, can be the first person to try to remove the coin from the open can when they get home! It’s Completely Clean!


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