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Marc DeSouza – Shapeshifter

Ellusionist – Marc DeSouza – Shapeshifter.avi


“The Shapeshifter Color Change is an effect of great precision and intricate handling. When Shapeshifter is performed incorrectly, it’s not a pretty sight. Learn it right the first time and perform it perfectly from the start. If you perform the move now and don’t feel it’s quite right, you’ll quickly correct that and be doing it perfectly with total precision and finesse. Shapeshifter demands perfection. Every bit of care was taken in preparation of the instruction segment of this mindblowing DVD. Learn the dynamite effect and numerous other moves direct from the source, direct from the originator of the now infamous SHAPESHIFTER, Marc DeSouza. Intense, intimate teaching and unparalleled bonuses. “One of the most amazing and famous effects out there


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