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Wayne Dyer – Manifesting Your Destiny

Manifesting Your Destiny – Wayne Dyer(1 To 6 Bonus)
[6CDs MP3]



Wayne Dyer – Manifesting Your Destiny [6CDs MP3] Can you imagine being able to manifest anything you want in life? What if you could make problems go away and bring every joy and reward your heart desires into your life?You can accomplish the things in life that you truly believe you are capable of achieving. When you focus on a goal and you remove all doubt, your dreams come to pass.In The Secrets To Manifesting Your Destiny, bestselling author Wayne Dyer teaches you how to:    * Understand that what you desire also desires you    * Realize that solutions to problems lie within    * Feel worthy to receive your desires The capacity to manifest is more than a power within you. It is the power of life itself. In this transformational program, you will learn how to overcome your conditioning and know that manifesting your desires is possible. You can have everything you want in life once you learn the secrets to manifesting your destiny. By practicing the techniques and meditations revealed in this program, you will gain the power to make the impossible a reality.About the AuthorWayne W. Dyer, Ph.D. is a recognized leader in the field of self-development. He is a popular lecturer, psychotherapist and best-selling author. An award-winning speaker, he was elected to the International Speakers Hall of Fame and awarded the prestigious Golden Gavel Award from Toastmasters International. He is the author of Your Erroneous Zones, Pulling Your Own Strings, You’ll See It When You Believe It, Real Magic, and Your Sacred Self.Very good Product. This resonates with “The Secret”. Wayne Dyer is inspiring and easy to listen to.


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