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Tony Cecchine – Ripping Induced Pain (R.I.P.)

[2 DVDs – Rips]


Sport Illegal Techniques To End The Fight Before It Even Gets Started!!!Pain. That’s what Catch Wrestling is all about. You’ve seen the pins; You’ve seen the hooks. Now it’s time to end the fight before it even gets started. The old-timers called it “ripping.” Through a constant, incessant barrage of elbow digs, pressure point striking, fish-hooking, hair pulling, eye gouging, and other 100% sport illegal techniques, these men made their opponents scream in hellish agony. Of course, most Catch Wrestlers fought by the rules. But when blood and life was on the line – if you dared cross a Catch Wrestler – you’d be lucky to come out of the fight without broken fingers and missing an eye. Perhaps no one in the world breaks down ripping, the art within the art, like master Hooker Tony Cecchine. For the first five years of his training, Tony was taught how to paralyze his opponents with brutal ripping techniques.On this two-tape or two DVD-R series, Tony teaches you the never before shown secrets of: Ø      The “quadrants” of hair pulling and why you simply must know themØ      Pinning a man’s face to the ground using only one fingerØ      Setting up your hooks with gruesome rips to your opponent’s faceØ      Attacking the ears, nose and throat to make a man squirm like a childØ      How one knuckle can stop the cross body positionØ      How your elbow can be the most deadly weapon in your arsenalØ      The secrets of fish hooking and why it’s almost impossible to defendØ      How to snap a man’s fingers like Popsicle sticksØ      Why “entering by the nose” is the WRONG way to eye gouge Plus, as a bonus, watch in a completely 100% unrehearsed sequence as Tony asks a Division One collegiate wrestler to go live while Tony uses these horrific techniques to set up hooks – all in a matter of seconds!!! Don’t blink, because you just might miss it!!!Tony has more practical street experience than probably any grappler out there. Let him shows you ways of hurting a man. No fluff, no b.s. These are not sport techniques. Learn ways to cause pain, ways to get better position/control, and ways to escape from the bottom.Want to hurt him before you finish him? This is the series for you. Pressure point striking, eye gouging – all the things they tell you not to do.Tony completely dissects his opponent’s anatomy and teaches you the how’s and why’s of ripping.Enjoy the post,Warrior!


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