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Bill Hartman – Inside-Out: The Ultimate Upper Body Warm-up

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Description Hartman and Mike Robertson“Inside-Out: The Ultimate Upper Body Warm-up” creates a paradigm shift in the way athletes and strength trainers prepare for their workouts. By improving biomechanical alignment, restoring balance and activating the appropriate musculature, you’ll be well on your way to workouts that not only keep you healthy, but consistently improve your performance as well!In this action-packed DVD, Bill Hartman and Mike Robertson outline the seven sections of the Inside-Out warm-up, along with rationale and specific exercises for each section. All you have to do is pick an exercise from each section, incorporate it into your warm-up regimen, and watch your performance soar to new levels!Ripped from details.php?id=9208 Handbrake on mac, 2-pass mp4, 670kbps, AAC audio… Should play great. with perfect sync on macs or pc. Image quality is almost exactly the equal of the original DVD.


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