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The Men’s Health Longevity Program

Mens Health Longevity Program – 2001 – ok
[2001, MP3 Unabridged]


The Men’s Health Longevity Program [2001/MP3/48]- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – - is the unabridged audio of this book: The Men’s Health Longevity Program: A 12-Week Plan to Bolster Your Health, Get Lean, Boost Your Brainpower, Power Up, Feel Great Now and Later, Keep the Sex Hot.Health, adventure, sex, energy, and success can be yours – starting this Monday! In this unique, easy-to-follow 12-week program, the trusted, pull-no-punches editors of Men’s Health Books present a wide variety of daily tasks to keep you on your toes and add a decade or more to your life. Feeling listless at work? Running out of steam in the sack? Find out what you should be eating and drinking each day to gain a lasting edge in the boardroom and the bedroom. Blood pressure or cholesterol problems run in your family? You’ll learn how to beat heredity at its own game. You’ll also learn about: * Snacks that ward off wrinkles * Workouts that reduce your risk of colon cancer * Rare minerals that may prevent headaches or boost your sperm count * Herbs that actually do something – and others that just give you gas Listen to 12 weeks’ worth of daily decisions you can make to rid your body of carcinogens, keep your eyes and mind sharp, take stock of your finances, and fine-tune your wardrobe so you’re always in style. Plus, check out 200 prevention tips for the 20 biggest concerns that men have about aging – from hair loss to back pain to impotence. With the Men’s Health Longevity Program, you’ll notice immediate improvements in your health, your appearance, your energy, and – perhaps most important – your attitude. Ol’ Father Time waits for no man… What are you waiting for?Read by James Lurie


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