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Sukhavati – Place of Bliss: A Mythic Journey with Joseph Campbell


Description:Joseph Campbell traces the mythological symbols left to us by the ancients, revealing the drama played out across the screen of the universe. Primal mythological images filmed around the world evoke a sense of the experience as well as the spirit of the great story that so excited Joe. This is a journey of transcendence and illumination.—————————————————————————————————Each time I watch this video I seem to be able to center myself and fix whatever emotional problem I’m dealing with in my life.  This video works wonders for inner game.  It adds a spiritual component to my continual exploration of improving myself.  Watch this video so you can understand what it is to “float down the stream like a human being instead of a babbit, or a robot.”My ISP is throttling my bandwidth.  Enable transport encryption in your BT client to make this download faster.


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