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Dr. Paul – The King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover

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Description King, Warrior, Magician, and LoverA second concept that is crucial in finding the exact right kind of personality in a woman to match your own is called reading JUNGIAN TEMPERAMENTS.The mature masculine and feminine personality has FOUR COMPONENTS to it.  But when we are all born, we start out in life with a thing called a TEMPERAMENT.  You have heard of babies who are happy babies, “colicky” babies, curious babies, and any other variety of TEMPERAMENT.  Temperament is the crude CORE of personality we are born with in life and it never quite goes away. But as we MATURE, we build PERSONALITY around our temperament.These four TEMPERAMENTS are called the King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover Temperaments.  When we approach what psychoanalysts call “integration”, we have learned to take our core temperament and add to it skills from each of the other three.  We still may be a King at heart, but now as mature men we may be more capable of accessing Magician, Warrior, and Lover skills and qualities.The King Archetype is nurturing, or even passive, logical and orderly, likes to direct things and issue commands without being the one to carry them out, and is characterized by wisdom, in which others often come to them for advice.The Warrior Archetype is more confident and active, ready to dive into activity that needs to be done.  It is logical and orderly like the King though.  The Warrior in men is a force of defense and protection of friends and family, like a police officer, and is the force of industriousness and detailed ambition. These are the go-to people for when there is a task to be done with precision.The Magician Archetype is full of emotional confidence like the Warrior, but is very creative, adventurous, and so capable of multitasking and “street smarts” that others might see their actions as magic.  These people are performers, salespeople, and are “naturals” at making things happen that would seem impossible to most others.  They dream big, and make those dreams happen.  They are the center of celebration and spectacle.Finally, the Lover Archetype is also artistic and creative like the Magician, but nurturing and passive like the King.  These are the storytellers of society, and the shy musicians and writers, they are the romantics, the poets, the loving nurturers of society, and the fools who make us laugh with joy.If you have ever doubted that there is such a thing in the universe as “soulmates”, your wonderings are over.  Scientifically, the notion of “soulmates” comes from pairing up with your opposite TEMPERAMENT, the style of personality that is your opposite and therefore completes you, bringing you toward “psychological integration”.On any team in business, in any marriage or relationship meant to last, there are pairings of opposite temperament.  Kings need Magicians to feel complete and Magicians need Kings.  Warriors need Lovers to feel complete and Lovers need Warriors.And so try this – identify your core Jungian Temperament, and consider all the things about you implied by the name King Warrior Magician or Lover.Then as you encounter the opposite sex, take note of those who are your opposite.  You will notice a kind of “magic” between you, an irresistible attraction to friendship at least, and romance at best.  If you are a King, go to places where you will meet Magicians. If you are a Warrior, go to places where you will meet Lovers.If you meet enough of them you will eventually come upon your “soulmate”, the one meant to complete you.To learn about these concepts in detail watch for Dr. Paul’s book,If you have interest in either of these profound topics or in the ongoing newsletter where Dr. Paul describes their workings, sign up with your email address and we will send you more free simple, useful information on the deep psychology of romance, sex, and women.


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