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Steven Heller – Monsters and Magical Sticks

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Monsters & Magical SticksThere’s No Such Thing As Hypnosis?If you want to know how hypnosis really works (and, no, it hasnothing to do with waving of hands or other similar nonsense), youwill want to read this book. If you want to know the “magic” behindEricksonian techniques and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, you haveto read this book. From one of the true masters of hypnotherapy, thisbook can really change your life!!”Steven Heller and Terry Lee Steele have provided readers with adynamic and brilliant entrance into a magical world within each ofus.” — Joyce Mills, Ph.D. and Richard Crowley, Ph.D.”I’ve been practicing hypnosis all my life and didn’t know it. And sohave you!!” — Robert Anton Wilson author of Prometheus Rising”Truly a genius.” — Donald Holmes, M.D., psychiatristSTEVEN HELLER, PH.D. was founder and director of The Heller Institute,and, since 1969, practiced clinical hypnosis. He was widely indemand as a lecturer and trainer. As a result he became known as the”trainer of the trainers,” and was given the name “The Wizard.” Dr.Heller also conducted in-house training programs for hospital staffs,universities, medical, dental and psychological associations. He was aguest on several radio and television programs. Dr. Heller received hisPh.D. in clinical psychology from California Western University,where his special area of study was, of course, hypnosis.


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