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Ruff Ryders – Thug Workout

Bodybuilding(fitness) – THUG Workout
[1 DVD – Rip]


Thug Workout VideoDamn the chic health clubs and celebrity workout videos, these Brothers take it to the streets to get their workout on. This groundbreaking, cutting edge video offers you an array of effective calisthenics using all the basic elements, including monkey bars, streetlights and their own body weight to get your body into tip top shape with no personal trainer required.The “Thug Workout” is an informative as well as an entertaining video that showcases the exercise regiments of a few of the inner city’s proven thugs. It provides viewers with a hardcore urban approach to getting into and staying in shape. We go from hood to hood, park to park and corner to corner of some of the roughest cities in the US in order tocapture the essence of these thug trainers in their own elements.Overall, our aim is to show viewers that you need not join an expensive health club or spend time behind bars to have a strong, good looking body. All you need to do is come and thug it with us!!!


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