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RSD Confidential

RSD Confidential
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“If i see CHODEING around – i will kick you off the fucking program” ”when they dont do what i tell them after this i YELL at them hardcore   and shake them and shit. ””if he wont go on the dance floor – MAKE HIM open his arms and legs up like a starfish in the middle of the club for a full 5 mins. ” ”YOU ARE *SHIT* TO ME… I AM NOT YOUR FUCKING FRIEND. I DON’T GIVE             A *FUCK* I WILL KICK YOU OFF THE FUCKING PROGRAM!!!” ”twisted midget Neil Strauss” “This guy is a loser. He’s cut off.””We ARE the Mr. Burns style mega-coorporation. Within a few years, wewill have this business on lockdown. style can’t do anything to stopthat because: We work way harder, do better programs, and providebetter content. We’re mobilized, organized, and have a stronger views us like Walmart or McDonalds or Coca Cola. And he’s right. ”Nick told me about our upcoming countermove, and not only is itHILARIOUS, but it is BRILLIANT, and PROFITABLE, and will piss Neil offworse than a SCORCHING CASE OF HERPES”dude, let’s face it. People that are attracted to this communityaren’t always the strongest, most noble people. Let’s think about it.They can’t do an approach!Point is that let’s face it, we’re above them in a lot of the way weoperate, so let’s not stoop to their level””freezout, plow of glory – nothing.honestly i think she was an LSE wanting to be raped so she can feelWORSE about herself…oh wellsmileyd can have her””Donot answer their emails and do not return their calls.It leads them to think “I’m as good as them. I can do what they do.They’re regular guys just like me. When we ate hamburgers together, Icould tell that they weren’t all that.” Keep yourself off of theirradars. Being around them will only give them a head complex. ””he’s been labeled a fagbitch and we’re moving on. ””fortunately, our biggest competitor in europe is a mentally retardedcroatian with a dracula accent and a limp.. the psychotic thing helpedhim with a strong frame for a while, but i think the force is comingback into alignment with the new euro-branch of rsd.. ””FOREWORDThis book won’t be for everybody…It is a very real reflection of my personal approach to this stuff…It will have to be read a few times…It is not a magic pill…It is not written for a commercial audience…It will offer insights to the people who live this stuff and confuseeveryone else…It is dedicated to the people who love this area and don’t care forcommercialization…If it helps you please tell your friends about us or check out ourlive programs…Thanks for taking an interest… ”  [AKA- TYLER BULLSHITS BIGTIME]”Subject: Review reveals our brainwashing in its glorious absurdity ””Domination Looms Near——————————————————————————–I have big plans for when this ebook is done. Don’teven get mestarted on this shit. BIG MOTHERFUCKING PLANS.. Meand two dash sixare plotting this shit.. We’re on some next levelshit.. I’m not justtalking about ninjas like I was before.. ”—————————-This a collection of the confidential posts which stirred so much controversy some 2 weeks ago. What got out there was just 0.01% of the whole ordeal. Here’s the full collectionBut there’s MORE. This product also includes RSD’s private files, their private documents and internal-use ebooks, guidelines, routines and what-not. It also includes (are you ready for this?) what seems to be a draft copy of the long-awaited “blue-print” ebook by Tyler Dyrden. Whatta a buncha clowns There’s so much going on behind the scenes guys with alot of these companies, “the game” is just the tip of the iceberg. I might release some more info about other companies in the future (if they piss me off).Enjoy.


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