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Formhandle & TokyoPUA – The Art Of The Pickup

Formhandle & TokyoPUA – The Art Of The Pickup – DVD Rips
[2 DVDs – Rips]


Description exclusive.Usual rules apply:- VIPs / Elites can download this immediately- Power Users can download in 7 days- Users can download in 14 days.–…Disc 1: Over 3 hours of interactive video …“Step-By-Step Instruction In   The Art Of Attracting Women”    Have you ever wanted to be much more successful with women?  What would it be like if you knew what to say, and how to attract them regardless of your looks?  Maybe you didn’t know where to start.  This amazing DVD is your answer and will guide you from beginning to end.  It shows you exactly what to do in a step-by-step and fun-to-watch format.  You get the highest quality learning experience through the combined video scenes, cartoon examples, motion graphics, and audio clips.    The Foundation section in “The Art of the Pickup” presents you with the basic understandings and attitudes which will become the backbone for all your interactions with women.  Learn the secrets that are going to set you apart from other men for the rest of your life.    After Foundation, you will be guided through the beginning and middle stages of attracting a woman in the First Encounter and Second Encounter sections.  Interactive video scenes of dialog with freeze frame and narration guide you through meeting a woman, getting her attracted, how to ask for her phone number and email address, follow up dates, getting her home, and how to seduce her once alone with her.You will learn:    * How to first talk to a woman    * What to say and how to say it    * Proper body language for attraction    * How to get her phone number    * How to handle resistance    * How to make her want to see you again    * How to attract her and get alone with her    * How to easily lead to kissing and sexDisc 1 features:    * Interactive video    * Freeze frames with narrated explanations    * Alternate scenes    * Auto rewind for emphasis    * Special graphics & text explanations    * Bonus interviews    This amazing video series shows you how to meet women in a wide variety of locations like bars, parks, bookstores, and more.  Then, watch the Home Seduction scenes to learn how to set up your apartment or home, and the perfect ways to turn her on once she’s there.Disc 2: Over 3 hours of special features …“Anchors The Knowledge To   Reality. Gets You Motivated!”    Have you ever bought an awesome product but somehow found yourself not making the best and full use of it?  Need that extra OOMPH in motivation?  Disc 2 has it for you.Disc 2 features:    * Video Interviews with Experts    * Confidence Building Audios    * Audio from a live Pickup Seminar    Candid interviews with experts and real life dating coaches teach you exactly why and how you too can have any woman you desire.  Each expert breaks down their learning process starting from their early stages to current successes, and explain how they overcame their own limitations.  Also included in the interviews are special tips on how to maximize your success in clubs and bars!    We all need some good motivation every now and then.  Well we have some GREAT motivation for you in the Confidence Building Audios.  These audios are perfect for jump-starting you with self-affirmations, belief reinforcements, and getting yourself pumped up before heading out!    There are guys out there paying thousands to learn just some of this stuff at live seminars.  We’ve given you access to audio from an actual Pickup Seminar – now their secrets are yours!  Listen as the instructor teaches a room full of men all about approaching, how to initiate conversations with women, and how to me more successful at it than ever before.  Questions from the audience are also answered to help guys with common mistakes.


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