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Rorion Gracie – Rape Safe Fundamentals (Reseed)

Gracie – Rape Safe.nrg
[1CD – Video] (Reseed)



Comments=======Watched this video sometimes back; Video illustrates basic simple self defense moves that any women could use to buy time and escape if ever encounter a possible rape situation or to ward off initial rape attempts using effective body movements as leverage. Showed this video to friends for entertainment and though contain good advise, the practicality of the moves would still require lotsa sweat and workin’ it out.. And yes, it is definitely a good DHV routine to use Thanks to original uploader on Bitme.Excerpt from site——————————————————————————————GIVE THE GIFT OF EMPOWERMENT! The most effective and proven method of self-defense, exclusively for women. Created by Rorion Gracie, RAPESAFE Fundamentals will give someone you care about the elements to escape from a sexual assault.The statistics are frightening: One woman out of every three will experience some type of sexual assault in her lifetime. According to the FBI, a woman is raped in the United States every five minutes.Statistics also show that 85% of women who immediately resist their attacker escape without the use of weapons. RAPESAFE shows how to resist AND HOW TO ESCAPE — and the techniques are easy-to-learn and easy-to-use.This video focuses on twelve techniques you need to escape a sexual assault. These techniques do not require strength, speed or coordination and are perfect for women of all ages and physical types.


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