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Playboyskool – Games Bar Hopping & Double Trouble

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Games Bar Hopping You’ve NEVER seen a game like this ! In fact, it’s more like an interactive learning tool! You will encounter various situations just like in real life where you are being challenged: You start off in the city streets where you have to find a way to get into the local nightclub but … without a woman on your arm the bouncer will not let you in.You have to use your skills and knowledge to pick up and seduce women in the nearby bars, make your way into the club and score. Are you man enough to do it?All you need to do is choose the right options that are being laid out for you. Do you ask for her number? Do you invite her to the club or do you try to kiss her right then and there? This is one of the most efficient and enjoyable ways to learn the art of dating as it is not only very funny, but also very educational. Find out if you have what it takes!Double Trouble As everyone who has played the first game was literally begging us to release another one, here is an even more challenging one:This time you have a date and decide to take her to a busy nightclub downtown … but the Plaboy in you has other plans. As soon as she meets some friends, you are off and the hunt is on. How far can you take it with other girls in the same club and not get caught?The world is yours!Again, this game makes you think on your feet. You have to choose the right options and tackle the challenges like you would in real life to either get the girls number, make out or … take her to the toilet to make out.This one is not for the faint hearted as mentioned before, it is the truth you have asked for and that’s exactly what you will get.Be prepared for a mind-blowing experience!My opinion:Judging just by these games, can say that this product is probably uniqe, I don’t remember any book or guru teaching such a extreme confidence, even arrogance.Group buy is really good idea in this case.


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