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This is a term paper that I did for my Social Psychology class.  This is my own work, specifically uploaded to the place.  Consider this for your eyes only.Books I read and referenced when writing this paper were primarily:Bandler, Richard, and John Grinder. Frogs into Princes.  Moba, Utah: Real People Press, 1979.O’corner, Joshep. The NLP Work Book: The Piratical Guide to Receiving The Results You Want. Hammersmith, London.  HarperCollins Publishers.If you don’t have the foggiest as to what NLP actually is then this paper should help you.  Be warned its a term paper, as such I probably had much more fun researching it and writing it than you will have reading it.Enjoy.Check out my other products; just search “” here on the place.  More new exclusives coming soon.First paragraph from my paper”Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a set of presuppositions, principles and techniques which are used to describe, model, and manipulate the relationship between internal mind states, psychological behaviors, and verbal and non verbal language patterns.  The field of NLP was founded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in 1973.  NLP was created as a result of Bandler and Grinder’s work on the concept of behavior modeling.  The purpose of behavior modeling is to discover the belief systems, physiology, and mental strategies that people use to accomplish specific tasks.  Once a person’s internal behavioral syntax is modeled that pattern of behavior can then be taught to others (James 1).  Behavior modeling lead to several of NLP’s key presuppositions.”


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