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This is an interview that was conducted by myself and another member (RenaissanceM primarily asking questions).Background:There is a Guru in my area who inspired me to get into the seduction scene summer of 05.   Before I found the community I started a website,  The idea I had with this site was to showcase Suave’s knowledge and experiences.  Almost a year later I have actually begin to work on capturing this Suave knowledge.  Suave is an extraordinary individual  with a unique (and long term) perspective and I think we can all learn a lot from him.As you will hear in this mp3 Suave is currently nearing 60 years old and he openly states that over the course of his life he has been with over 2,000 different women.I find it completely intriguing when he talks about sleeping with women that he knew 20 and 30 years ago.[Note] RenaissanceM and myself would like to get as much feedback on this interview as we can.  This is the first bit of material we have produced and we have plans to produce more.  Tell us how we can improve, by leaving your comments and feedback in the forums here: out my other products; just search “” here on the place.  More new exclusives coming soon.


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