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Paul Wade – Convict Conditioning

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This is Paul Wade’s first ebook called “Convict Conditioning” outlines a simple Training plan for anyone who would like to train without joining a Gym and details simple body weight exercises for them. As men who strive towards greatness the first step to improving our successes with women starts with improving one person, ourselves. A fantastic body is the beginning to that, isn’t it?Convict Conditioning is a fantastic text crammed with solid information, and tons of vital nuggets and powerful insights that when followed will pack your frame with rock-hard, functional muscle. Like a hard thrust with a razor- sharp shank, ex-con Paul Wade’s writing style rips through all the nonsense that fill the glossy muscle mags, to get to what’s real: You don’t need free weights, fancy machines, spray-on tan and carefully torn T-shirts to build powerful muscle. All you really need is your own body, a few simple exercises and a plan. You provide the body, Convict Conditioning gives you the rest in a highly readable, easy-to-understand format that teaches you what to do and how to do it. As a guy who has written extensively on exercise, I highly recom- mend this book.—Loren Christensen, author of Solo Training and The Fighter’s Body.


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