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Muscle and Fitness – Rock hard challege .torrent

Muscle and Fitness – Rock hard challege [ebook-pdf]


my first product ever, so be gentle.This is a 3 month plan from the magazine Muscle and Fitness, called The Rock Hard Challege from april 2003.Includes all the routines and nutrition plansMonth 1This month – begins with a week of muscle strength and endurance training, representing the highest volume of training you’ll encounter during the month.Month 2Overall, Month 2 has a relatively lower volume of work, so the focus is on upping the intensity. You’re completing fewer reps each set (compared to Month 1) so you should increase the amount of weight that you use.Month 3With just four weeks left to complete your transformation, you may feel as though you’ve already accomplished many of your goals. But the best is yet to come. This month, your intense training and strict attention to diet and recovery really start to pay off as you drop the hammer through the home stretch. In this final month of intense training, we’ll help you set the dial to BURN on your metabolic furnace.


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