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Mobile Mentalism – Strivings

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One of the first books (and the largest) ever written dealing exclusively with the topic of walk-around mentalism. Sixteen effects and routines, all designed for the demanding world of the strolling performer. Included are several routines by Mark Strivings as well as some of the top performers in the world of mentalism. Effects are included from such luminaries as Docc Hilford, Richard Webster, Terry Nosek, Ed Fowler, John Riggs, Anthony Lindan, Gene Urban and Robert Waller. Taken together, this is a formidable collection of mentalism. You will use this material! Also included is an audio tape specifically for instruction of an effect called ‘Sort-Of Numerology’ by Mark Strivings. An impromptu mindreading effect that will knock your audiences out. In all over 60 pages of hard hitting mentalism! This is a book you will refer to over and over again. If you do close-up or strolling work of any kind you need this book.


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