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Major Mark Cunningham – Hypnotic Awakenings (De-hissed version)

Hypnotic Awakenings



RELEASE NOTES (from request, this is a de-hissed version producted by XYZ at the end of 2005.  There was light hiss, background noise and rumble below 300 Hz and he requested a remaster of it.  This his was light on the first four tapes/CDs and more noticeable on the last two tapes (the important trance segments of the series).  So some adjustments were made to eliminate additional background noise, leaving the vocal as intact and unchanged as possible.  The improvement to the last two tapes is significant; the volume can now be raised way beyond normal listening levels without hiss or detriment to the vocals.For those said they’d been searching for an upgrade, this should appease them until whenever a brand new rip happens to circulate….==================================================Hypnotic AwakeningsHere’s a simple truth – most of the people you meet in life are sound asleep! They think that they’re awake, yet their lives are governed by habit and ritual rather than choice. Most of what happens in their lives seems to be outside their own control. They are the “sheeple” who throng the malls, fill the cubicles and factories and… they are all around us. They are all trying to Do The Right Thing, the one thing that will allow them to escape their current condition and attain “success”. And success is always somehow just beyond their reach, which makes them feel as though they just can’t Do The Thing Right. The problem is – they’ve been taught that both success and the resources needed to attain success are outside themselves! It may have been true as an infant, but it surely is a lie today! And that accumulation of experience based on an outmoded premise had been holding them down, holding them back. Making them sheeple. The truth is, you can free yourself from the dead weight of previous conditioning. If you’re Human, you have a pulse, and you are willing to admit that what you were doing before isn’t working for you now, you can open up to new learnings. You get to decide just who you’re going to become. While you do this, you learn how to design and get futures for yourself that will really, Really work for you! This tape set has Mark ripping through a day of exposing the mechanisms of coming Awake though hypnotic conditioning – conditioning that puts you in the driver’s seat of your own psyche. Rowdy, ribald and Real – it’s the famous Marknosis blend of solid theory, to-the-point demonstrations and exercises, Real True Stories, and set-piece inductions that hammer the points home and Change Your Mind Forever! 7 CDs Inductions include:    * 10 to 1 – Learning To Go Into Trance    * Getting Out Of Your Own Way    * Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body    * Join Hands With Your Future    * Things Are Looking Up    * Awaken Within The Dream GUIDE FOR TRANCE INDUCTIONS (taken of marknosis list)listen to the first induction ONCE a day for 1 week… then switch to the nextone, also do that next one for one week-and so on… (so that makes 6 weeks forall 6 inductions – simple!) ie. once a day for 6 wks…you want to be in a quiet place, free from distractions, and where you feelcomfortable…. before beginning… don’t worry about ‘going into hypnosis’ -just listen to the recording and allow whatever happens to happen … Onenormally begins to ‘develop’ a sense of comfort and getting used to the feelingof letting go of thoughts while experimenting with new ideas while you justdaydream… quite quickly…- what to look out for:increased relaxation throughout your dayfeeling better – for no reason at alland you will begin to notice within yourself how much easier you areinterracting with other people, and life in general….actually noticing the ‘things’ that ‘used’ to grip you… but just not havingthat same reaction to them anymore…


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