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Major Mark Cunningham – Beyond Seduction

Beyond Seduction
[10 DVDs – Rips]



Mark Cunningham on Beyond Seduction Seminar: “I was concerned by the overwhelming emphasis on “technique” within the seduction community, as opposed to self-development. So I did three days in Montreal laying out what women have reported to me as the fundamental characteristics of the seductive male, and the conditioning processes and techniques required to change your Self into someone who is naturally seductive. Probably the finest and most comprehensive look at the “Inner Game” of seduction available today, this course ought to be required for each and every man who sets out to improve his image and reality within the mating game.” At Last! The truth about Effortless Seduction — Revealed! Are you ready to learn how ordinary guys like you and me can have unholy seductive power over women — no matter what seduction technique you’re using? If you’d like to live your life filled with the company of exciting, interesting women, and you’ve been experiencing difficulties getting some of the many “seduction” methods to work for you, then this might be the most important seminar you’d ever watch. Here’s why: There are only two reasons why normal guys can’t improve their seduction success – what they’re doing, and who they’re being. There’s now a world of seduction techniques available, and what you find is that each seduction method was tailored to the author’s personality, not yours. Unless you ARE him, you’re never going to achieve his level of success using his standard methods. To be fair, let’s say that you typically can get incremental progress by mimicking the trainer, and of course any progress is a Good Thing. But if all you’re doing is mimicking someone else, you’re just practicing being someone that is NOT WHO YOU ARE! You’ll still have fun picking off the low-hanging fruit, but you’ll never get the ones you really want until you get past the “game” and move into your powerful masculine Self. Ask yourself if you can spot a phony, and then go look in the mirror. Some will tell you that you will “become while doing”. And again, there’s enough truth in that statement to keep them out of trouble. But look around at the men attending these seminars, and ask yourself “What percentage of those attending actually succeed?” Is this an area of life that you want to hand over to chance? Do you really want to go through life knowing that in this essential element of your future happiness, you left the most critical components for last? Won’t things go a lot better when you put the only sure-to-be-successful beliefs, emotions and behaviors in place and then start polishing your “act”? It’s sure easier to act out success once you’ve already rehearsed and attained success beyond your widest dreams — when you know the shortcut, you don’t need to go the long way! If you’re setting out to master any seduction technique, without changing your Self first, you’re using the wrong “You”! The goods news is that there is inside of you a powerful and positive version of yourself that is relaxed, masculine and sexually aggressive. The simple yet astonishing truth is that ANY man can relax his way into becoming exactly the sort of man who gets women off their attitude and makes them eager to be pleasing. Mark’s task in Montreal, simply put, was to teach each and every man in the room how to create and make vividly real the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of the Naturally Seductive Man! Three Reasons To Believe You CAN Succeed! Reason One: Frankly, we cheat. Instead of relying only on what MEN report as successful, we have interviewed thousands of women to isolate the exact characteristics and behaviors that make their hearts flutter and their inhibitions fly out the freakin’ window. Because it’s what women report they need, this is what really works! Reason Two: This is completely independent of whatever else you’re doing – our effortless seduction transformational techniques can only increase the success of whatever path you’ve chosen. Once you’ve learned how to reflexively control yourself (and others..), you’ll re-visit your other seduction skills and be astonished at how easily things flow together. When you invest in the capability first, your competence soars! Reason Three: Thousands already have learned to break through their limiting beliefs and move into lives of power and choice, simply by following our instructions. If you’ve got an IQ of under 70, or, you’re petrified with fear, our course is NOT for you! But for everyone else, these techniques you will learn and master make massive positive changes you can verify on the spot! Here are the benefits you will receive: * Getting out of your whiny head and living comfortably in the Real World* Blast the negativity out of your past* Tap your inexhaustible reserve of relaxed masculine power* Moving women into the proper place and perspective* Convince your Self that you deserve the women you want* How to instinctively use the right tool at the right time* Rock-solid control of your own emotions* Instantly shifting from hesitation to relaxed confidence in any setting* Build an irresistible impulse to act now!* Irresistible Charisma generated on demand* Creatively adopt or oppose her own energy* Instantaneous recoveries from unexpected setbacks or “disasters”* Assume new beliefs and unaccustomed behaviors as an act of will* Re-defining Masculinity so it works for you* Adopt the states and traits of the Naturally Seductive ManThis incredible seminar was taught by an experienced specialist in “Self” change. Mark Cunningham has taught all across North America, Asia and Europe, helping thousands of students to master the process of permanently changing their lives while becoming the relaxed, confident sexual man you were born to be. Some testimonials from the seminar: “I attended the NYC seminar, and I have a complaint. I expected to go through the weekend learning new and creative ways to approach women. And I anticipated being told what to say to them, after I made my approach. Instead, WOMEN ARE APPROACHING ME! And conversation flows naturally (and hypnotically) and seductively. I have had more women approach me in the last few days than would normally happen in a month. What did you do to me??? How am I supposed to act like my old, limited, self with all that going on??? Hmmm, now that I think about it, I believe I’ll keep this new me. I like it MUCH better this way.” “After having a few days to experience my new reality, I have some realizations of just how powerful Mark’s New York Seduction Seminar was. If you weren’t there I have to say, you missed some awesome techniques, tools, discussions, and people. Only now do I really realize what Mark was doing the whole weekend. He was showing us the way to build the kind of seducer we wanted within ourselves, step by step by step. So that when completed, like a remolded house we still were the same person but with a new foundation, new structure, and solid attractiveness that draws and keeps a potential buyer interested. Unlike others who teach to paint the outside, mow the grass, and tell you not to worry about the faulty wiring. The next step always relied on the previous being properly designed and fastened presently into position. There were times in the seminar where things got really electric and a few times when people were frustrated. I applaud Mark for being the teacher he is and his dedication to us for making sure everyone had the opportunity to get the most they could at any given moment. At the end on Sunday, when the dust cleared and the rubble was quietly lying, on the ground there were 40+ changed individuals in the room. I had spent a number of years studying words to say and certain ways to act, doing well with persuasion and seduction, but never reaching the level I had envisioned myself at. I believe there is nothing wrong with that, but it can only get you to a certain level. This single event however has forever changed who I am and how I view the world. I now understand, once you change your thoughts, your actions follow and you can elevate to a higher level. And you can never go back. Who the hell would want to? Sound powerful…you have no idea.”


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