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Major Mark – Beginning the Work

Major Mark with Denver Clay – Beginning The Work.flac



One more Major Mark hypnosis FLAC file for your pleasure Enjoy,MindTech—————————————Beginning the WorkThis CD was prepared as a pre-conditioning tool for the attendees of the First Awakenings Seminar. The best preparation for this seminar (given that its focus was on the tasks and techniques you need to practice every day on the Path to self-development) lay in discovering your own source of Energy for transformation, and learning to use the power of your subconscious mind while you sleep to dream new solutions to the questions of your day. A powerful induction sequence, a vivid and sustainable introduction to the Microcosmic Orbit of life energy, and a perfect framework for harnessing the wisdom of the subconscious in service of your conscious goals. Fair warning to you all – we’re getting lots of letters about people feeling free to make HUGE changes in their lives after using this CD. (50 Minute Audio CD)


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