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{MAGIC} Doc Hilford – Real Mind Reading

Docc Hilford – Real Mind Reading.avi


This is not stage magic! I repeat this is not stage magic!If I were to use this for pickup, it would probably be in the day while in a  Set probably sitting down somewhere.  There are 3 mind reading tricks that build into each other and the last one is fricken awesome.  This guy is just dastardly.Everything is understandable and can be clearly seen, but I am warning you about the quality because this was a vhs rip.You can see all of the body language and understand the wordings enough to learn it, so that shouldn’t be a problem.  The guy also demonstrates it live first and then goes through the tricks, he uses it in a way that fosters rapport with the subject, so I guess you could use it for that too.This is my first upload, and I hope you guys Like it!- end Dice


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