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Lyn Buchanan – Remote Viewing The True Story

Lyn Buchanan – Remote Viewing The True Story
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Intuitive ability has been recognized throughout human history, but it is only in the last 30 years that science has been used to develop a methodology to produce consistently accurate information. Now you can learn about the techniques that the US govt. kept secret for over 20 years. Remote Viewing is a scientifically developed method for mentally accessing previously unknown information about distant places, people and events. It works independently of time and distance. It is used extensively by intelligence organizations worldwide to gather information not available by other means.[=========]This indepth program presents multiple perspectives of the CIA’s once secret remote viewing program. It features former govt. remote viewers and the scientists directly involved in the research:Lyn BuchananPaul SmithGabriell PettingaleMel RileyF. Holmes AtwaterRusell TargIncludes exclusive footage never seen before!


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